Hannah the adventurer

Forgot to say anything about the stage that my little devil child is at!

Han isn’t walking yet, but is so adventurous that walking really wouldn’t make much difference to her mobility. She has learnt to climb onto the couch and off my bed (although that’s a little high and sometimes her dismount ends in tears) she has also discovered the amazing ability common to all small people, that she can fit into small spaces. Caught her the other day in the kitchen cupboard under the sink, pulling all my jars off the shelf. Brilliant.

Little monkey started getting her first molars a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t even notice until she bit my hand and I realised that it was an awful lot more painful than usual. So now she has two molars up the top and the other two just sitting below the gum on the bottom.

I’m pretty sure she said her first word yesterday. No “mama”, no “Nikki, you are beautiful”. I’m pretty sure the little genius said “sock”. Not feeling very loved right now. My child, the one I am raising alone. The one I breathe for. The one I get up to at 2am to soothe her crying, has decided she is more interested in saying “sock” than the word she should be saying – “Mum”. Oh well… all in good time. It was quite cool anyway, she was rifling through my washing basket trying on my clothes (well, putting them around her neck) and she came across her sock and held it up and said something vaguely resembling “sock”. Trying to get her to repeat the feat is a little slow. She doesn’t perform on command unfortunately.

So yeah, until tomorrow!


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