Home again, home again

So, first steps were reported a couple of weeks ago but Devily has regressed and has not made any more progress than two steps and her preferred mode of transport is on all fours. I think she has realised that she falls down and prefers to remain down rather than take the risk. Most disappointing. Although I’m making the most of her relatively slow speed. When she is running I won’t know what has hit me.

On the other hand, she now has 12 teeth. Got her four first molars. Let’s just hope that she’s had enough of teething for a while. I’m getting ready to launch another operation (following ‘Operation Take the Power Back’) called Operation Hard Woman. Luckily we will be at home house sitting so I won’t have to worry about disturbing flat mates etc.

At the moment I am living with Zara out at Karori, trying to save money (hahaha) so I can afford to pay the bond and advanced rent when I move into a place with Jute and Gary mid-Dec. House hunting is a joke. If anyone hears of a lovely 3 bedroom house which is cheap, has a nice garden, a garage and location within walking distance to Massey Uni in Wellington, can they give me a call???? (Yeah… I’m serious unfortunately. The chances of finding that are a million to one) Oh well… we continue the search with only a couple of weeks left and I have to hand the reins over to Jute and Gary as I will be in Rotorua. Not so good when you are trying to find a house.

Still waiting for my grades to come through. Until then I have no idea what I am doing next year. Not knowing my future is starting to frustrate me but I’m sure I can hang out for another week or so. It just annoys me as the Religious Studies papers are always the first to finish and last to get their results out. Slack asses.

Nikki and Hannah


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