Woohoooo… bit late but Happy New Year!

We went on holiday to Picton for christmas and stayed with Poppa and Margo while Dave, Sue and their kidlets were there too. Made for wonderful babysitters 🙂

On the 30th, Zeke and a few friends came over and we managed to somehow get a rental car on 12 hours notice and set off for Marahau (at the start of the Abel Tasman). We had to make a stop in Nelson to shave the boys heads and then ended up at the doctor as I was worried about Han. Turned out she had a virus or two which made for a fun camping trip :S I felt so sorry for the little tyke. She had sores all through her mouth and was running a wicked temperature.

Managed to make it to Marahau at about 11pm and set up camp. It was an awesome campground – The Barn – would thoroughly recommend it. We made excellent use of the backpacker facilities, even though we were campers – the kitchen for campers was waaaay to far away!

Didn’t get down to the beach much as Han was miserable but it was good times anyway. Think the other people in our group weren’t that impressed at having a baby around. They aren’t used to 5am wake ups. Ah well… can’t wait until they have kids!

Will post more pics etc when Gary’s digital camera gets back here and I can steal it again.



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