My little mischief

Hannah with the hose going a bit crazy. If I am ever trying to get rid of Hannah, I just send her outside with the hose and she is happy for hours! Our washing isn’t always quite so dry once she’s through with it but still… anything to get a bit of peace and quiet!
Hrmmm… Hannah’s latest obsession is getting home from creche, ravenously hungry, and heading straight for the freezer where she finds little treats, like in this picture, where she is chowing down on frozen spinach! Mmmm Mmmm
Hannah and her tea towel skirt. I think it’s the Pacific Islander coming out in her
Waikato anyone?
Time and time again I have packed away all her books on her bookshelf. I have officially given up.
Hannah is destined to be the world’s most famous woman skater! One day soon she’s going to nail herself real good.


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