More pictures of Hannah being a nutter

Right… not sure where this text is going to go so I’ll do photo commentary based on numbers.
1. This is mongrel getting into the freezer. It’s her favourite game and only yesterday she emptied a whole back of frozen veg onto the lounge floor. Soooo annoying!
2. This is Han in the coolest overalls ever, courtesy of Granny. She loves playing with the hose.
3. Hannah was amused with this box for hours. Jute started pushing her around in it and then wasn’t able to stop as Hannah would get grumpy!
4. This is monkey watching TV on Sunday morning.
5. And this is my favourite pic of Hannah at the moment. She’s so cheeky and fast now!!!

Anyway, we are good! Seeing the family over Easter so that’ll be wicked. Can’t wait until Mum can see Hannah now. It’s been so long! Saw Dad last weekend and that was cool. Hope to see him in Masterton sometime after Easter weekend.
xoxo Nikki

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