June update… well… and May update

Woah! Haven’t updated for ages!!!
I haven’t got any really recent pics as Gaz has gone away and of course taken his camera away from me! (How dare he?)
These are some pics from our holiday in Masterton just after Easter and some more from later in May.

This is Han doing a bit of light reading on the branding of countries by Simon Anholt

Just hanging out at the park in Masterton
Doing the dishes with Aunty Jute and Jen Jen
Riding my bike with Grandad helping
Uncle Rob and me just hanging with the ducks (who are absent from the picture of course)
Driving my 1960-something Ford Cortina (Can you tell Mum knows nothing about cars?!?)
Yeah so, the end of a semester at school. Behind as usual and already thoroughly sick of. But that’s ok! Going home on Monday for two weeks to hang with everyone back in Rotorua. Also doing a weekend visit with Megan and some of my mummy friends up in Auckland.

Han is doing well. Learning more and more words. Wish she hadn’t learnt “No” but what am I gonna do?!? Very into biting at the moment, which I’m not so impressed with, but again, what am I gonna do??? I just hope she’ll grow out of it quickly, she is losing friends by the day.

Anyway, school work to get started on while Demon Child is sleeping.

Ciao xoxox


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