Right, these are the pics from our trip to Ashvegas for (Great-)Grandad’s funeral.

Right no idea which order they are in… handy that… There is a pic of Robbo, Jute, me, Han and my cousin Kate.
Hannah and her second cousin Lydia being nerds… excuse it being a bit out of focus.
Han at the wake thingy entertaining herself. Charmed the pants off all the long lost rellies! Was very handy having a babe there. Made the whole funeral a lot cheerier. (Can’t believe I just said ‘cheerier’) Especially when she popped up over the pews and said “Hi!” when my dad was giving a speech!

At the moment (legacy of spending a week in Ashburton where I was very lax about the sleeping arrangements) I am having to go through with reprogramming Hannah to sleep in her own bed. Apparently she only wants to sleep where I do. Arghhhhh. It’s the most difficult time I have had yet with her sleeping… she just won’t give up!
I put the baby gate on her door last night to stop her sneaking in to my bed. The little toad hoisted her leg up over the gate and flipped herself over! Unfortunately she flipped right onto the floor and I woke up to hear a great big thud. hehe
She’s definitely determined. Ah well… I perservere!
School is chaos. I have two research essays due in a matter of weeks and am having to go a bit nuts to do them. Once they are over I can relax… until next year. :S

That’s all… xoxoxox Nikki


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