Hello October!

Hanny Fairy Kid

This is my little miss after finding a fairy skirt in her dress ups.
She has recently discovered how to dress herself to disastrous effect. Well, disastrous for me. She has decided that her favourite t-shirt is a hand-me-down-down-down with elephants, lions, and zebras on it. It’s not the most attractive thing in the world and this afternoon when I pulled it off the line and Han spotted it, I got “Oh cool. Yay! Cool.” (Cool is her new favourite word. Along with F*** unfortunately.) She had to put the tshirt on. Straight away. And geepers, when it came to bathtime and I was trying to undress her… never seen so much screaming in my life.
Anyway, those are the delights of a toddler.
Han’s second birthday is at the end of the month. Quite excited but worried about what the heck I am actually going to do! Thinking about having something small in Wellington then heading home for a little bit to do the family thing.



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