Hannah at the Agrodome

Once again, it has been a while… so in that case you are going to get a MEGA update and you’ll be sorry you even came back to this blog.

We went home a few weeks ago for a visit and to see my friend Kasper J. He was pretty sick with cancer and we thought we’d better get back to try and cheer him up with a visit from the Demon Child. Unfortunately we got back too late and by then he wasn’t really in the mood to have hoardes of visitors. We visited his family and let the child run around their property tormenting the dog for a while. And went back to Wellington. Hours after I got home I recieved a call from my mum to tell me that Kas had passed away. So back to Rotorua it was. So this is my Kasper J, for those of you who didn’t know him. He was a pretty damn special guy.

In other news.. Hannah, Ngaio and I went on a farm tour at the Agrodome with Gembee as our lovely tour guide. She was fab and Hannah absolutely loved all the animals. She wanted to jump off as soon as the tractor stopped each time and was a bit pissed when I wouldn’t let her climb the fence to play with the Kune Kune. She didn’t quite understand when I said “He will swallow you whole.” The sheep got thoroughly mauled though and she laughed at the baby deer (fawns?) and the ridiculous little “Meep” sound that they make – I don’t blame her.

Upon our return to Wellington I started a new job which I LOVE. The job isn’t so fantastically interesting as the people I work with. And I get to tell everyone that I am a real live librarian now (I drop the “assistant” part for reasons of grandeur) and don’t just look like one. I also started back at uni and had my first day today! Weeehoooooo. The paper isn’t looking as terrifyingly boring as I originally thought. I am also working on what my topic for research is and seeing as shitty Vic Uni doesn’t have a Middle Eastern specialist in their POLS department, I have decided to study something to do with Africa (yeah, REAL specific – but it’s my first day!!!) and probably Sudan or Somalia. I’ve bullied one of the staff to take me on as a student for that and he seems great. So loving uni so far šŸ™‚

Ermmmm… and that’s about all. I’ve been playing with Lolly and Jed lately and have neglected my mummy friends. It’s not that I don’t love you (Really I do!) but I just have so much going on that I have decided not to be a mum anymore… I now just live with Hannah as a flatmate. It’s working well, except the little tart doesn’t do her fair share of the housework – we are going to have a flat meeting and I propose a roster system.

Thanks to Ngaio for the photos I ripped from her Bebo site.



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