Latest from the Devil Child

Devil Child is currently asleep… and it’s getting rather late, but I can’t bring myself to wake her. Not because of the usual “Never wake a sleeping baby” stuff that you hear (p.s. never subscribed to that anyway) but because I don’t particularly want to deal with the demonic two year old she currently is. Love her to bits… but love her more while she is sleeping. I’m just getting a lot of “My Mum!” at the moment and “my do it!” which is driving me a bit round the bend. Luckily my maman is flying Hannah up to spend the week in Rotorua. My first proper time away from Hannah! Eeeeek. I bet at the end of next week I will have forgotten all about what she is really like and wishing she was back with me. haha Such is motherhood.
That being said, we did have a good morning. Tobin and I took her up the hill (haha made Tobin carry all 15kgs of child while I carried the water bottle) to the playground at Melrose Park and tried to fly a kite. Murphy’s Law prevailed, and it was the one day where Wellington had little to no wind so we couldn’t do any flying. We checked out the baboons and jackals (?) though as we had missioned up to the back of the zoo. Excellent… saved myself a casual $25! hehe
Anyway, here are some of the latest.
P.S. School sucks.


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