I’ve been creating!

Wooo, it’s May! I’ve just completed a whole lot of silly assignments for school and am feeling the freedom, which led me to do silly domestic things like clean the house and SEW! Me? Sew? Well, I did! I was totally inspired by Melissa’s blog http://tinyhappy.typepad.com and so cut up some old jerseys and used some woollen fabric that Gran had given me and made these –

Then I made Hannah model them so I could take some photos to post all over the parenting forums that I frequent 😀

And last night we went to dinner at Kat and Sig’s place. I took this cute pic of Han and Tobin while we were waiting for the bus –

Yeah, apologies for the crap quality of all the pics – they are from my phone… which I think is doing quite well seeing as its main function is to be a phone.

Oh yeah, you may wonder why I was catching the bus when no one can really escape the fact that I’m a lazy arse that loves driving… well, some lady crashed into me and my car was “not economically viable” to fix so it was written off and they gave me some money to buy a new one. The hunt is not going to successfully but in the meant time, I’m learning to use public transport. I don’t hate it as much this week as I did last 😉

Right, and just to sign off – here is a pic of my little ballerina 🙂

xoxox Nikki


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