Hannah’s new jacket

These are some pics of Hannah’s new jacket… kindly donated to the “Save the Gingers” organisation of which Hannah is President. It looks sooo cute and the certain someone who gifted it (Naughtiest Lady in the Universe) must have known that brown is my ultimate favourite colour (and by extension, is also Hannah’s… little does she know it)

I couldn’t choose alright!!!

And here are some other miscellaneous pics from Hannah’s adventures around the house

Making herself a bed on the lounge floor

Hanging out in her doll’s cot… I swear I cleaned her room prior to this – it took roughly 15 seconds to demolish. A new record.

Hannah hiding in the TV box. That box has provided more entertainment than the actualy TV… definitely worth the stupid amount of money Jute and Gaz paid for the monstrosity.

And finally, Hannah in her new Ecobubs wool pocket. So cute!!


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