Sewing up a storm

I was trying my best to have a “Spend-free month” but I stupidly opened the Harvey Norman catalogue the other day and they had a sewing machine for sale. I have been longing for a sewing machine since last year. I managed to borrow an overlocker from Erna on a long-term basis, but an overlocker can only do so much – though I have become exceptionally brilliant at planning out my sewing to avoid overlocker cutting disasters.

While the overlocker was doing me well, little things like button holes were driving me round the bend to handsew… it was taking me about an hour to do each one. ARGH!!!!

Anyway, so today I had my first sewing session with my little Brother 2600. It was so fun! Managed to shear off the top of a bobbin though (they come with plastic bobbins!!!) in the first 5 minutes but luckily was provided with a few more and learnt from my mistake. Might try to track down some metal ones in the future.

So I made some progress on a few of the projects I have been working on for ages – like the little pinafore I am making for Leila, Hannah’s little scarf that I was “inspired” (read: ripped off) to make by Melissa, Lisa’s bag – again from Melissa, and I made Hanny some new pants. It was possibly the first thing that I have made Hannah that didn’t have to be forced on her. Excellent.

I took pics on my phone but require money on it to send them to email… have patience people.


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