Falling off the wagon

Last mention of the spend-free month was that it was not so spend-free… unfortunately I seem to be failing dismally at this budgeting business. I mean, there have been major successes – I’ve made my lunch every day for work/uni for the last two weeks and there have been substantial savings as a result. The only problem is that this seems to give me a license to spend on other stuff… like sewing machines… and now wool.

The lovely ladies at The Nappy Network pointed out the Knitworld Winter Wool Sale. Unfortunately it happened to coincide with my time at work, which is situated no more than 50 meters from the aforementioned store. So I just had to…. even though the chances of me using the wool in the next 5 years is ridiculously slim. Ah well, atleast I have the option if I want to knit! I bought 2 hanks of natural cream coloured wool so that I can try dyeing it… and then bought 6 balls of a dark pink 100% wool that may or may not make itself into something.

Ah well… maybe next week I’ll be able to control myself.


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