Fruits of my labour

Right, I thought it about time that I posted a few of the things that I have been creating, now that I have finished them!

Here is a little pinafore that I made for Leila Grace. It is make of blue cord and has a gorgeous broderie anglaise fabric lining it, as well as cute little buttons that I bought from which have little flowers on them. I also attempted to embroider a little pink flower down the bottom, but that didn’t work so well… ah well… first attempt and all!

I also made some little pants for Hanny kid. They are the first thing I have made for her that she has actually been enthused about wearing! Hallelujah! They have a little applique patch down the bottom which is fraying up a storm, but never fear I have worked out how to do zigzag on my machine (I know – AMATEUR!) so next time this will not happen. (It is making a funny noise tho… must get that seen to)

I’ve also started knitting a pair of longies for Leila that she can wear to bed. I’m actually going pretty well on them and in a couple of weeks I have done most of one side! Yay! And that included learning how to purl, so the next side should be super fast. Only problem is that I didn’t take into account that I was knitting with 12 ply instead of 8ply… ah well, they’ll just be extra wide. I think.

‘Tis all for now. xoxoxox

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