Dyeing fun with Raro!

It appears all my photos have disappeared. Ringo deserted me. I did download them all but then our computer blew up. How convenient. So. No pics until I get inspired to re-enact the scene. Shudders at the thought of a tangle of yarn around a washing basket aren’t suggesting it is going to be any time soon. I’ll get there one day.

Today I attempted to dye one of the hanks of wool I got from the Knitworld sale… not so sure it’s as successful as I’d hope but what more can you expect from novice like myself? It all started with the ditzy mistake I made at the supermarket. I bought cola and wacko raspberry (which is actually blue) thinking that the brown of the cola would look nice with the blue. Don’t assume that cola = brown. Because in the world of confectionery (which I am lumping disgusting cordial into for the purposes of this story) cola = blue. So buying two types of Raro which both turned out to be blue wasn’t the smartest move I’ve ever made.

Never fear! Gaz has a healthy supply of Mango Orange in the pantry which I think is put to much better use as dye than it is as some form of beverage – I’m thinking of his health here!

First I had to untangle the whole 200gm hank of wool that somehow I managed to make into a hell of a giant knot… this process alone took me about 2 hours. DON’T (whatever you do) go about this dyeing business hastily, or you’ll end up in the same position as moi. Anyway, got it untangled and wound it around the washing basket so it looked like this:
Then I tied little bits of wool around the wool (really didn’t follow the directions, so the likelihood of me having to repeat step 1 at the end of this process is very high.) so that it looked like this:

Next I soaked the wool in water with a little bit of wool detergent and a liberal splashing of vinegar while I attempted to mix up some “dye” out of the gaily coloured sugary goodness that is Raro. Mixed 4 sachets of Wacko raspberry with about 500mL of water and 3 sachets of Mango Orange with a bit less. Tracked down the largest (yet still unsuitably small) microwave safe baking dish we own, put the wool in, jammed it down, then poured blue in one side and yellow in the other. I had to do a bit of working in with my fingers as the wool was rather cramped. This led to a whole lotta color mixing, but I’m not fussy – what’s a little bit of sludgy coloured wool between friends? Then I microwaved it for 2 minutes… forgot the instructions but remembered there was another 2 minutes of micro action so just slammed it back in the machine and hit go for round 2. Then forgot about it as I went back to the Nappy Network. Finally remembered, checked the instructions, figured out it said “let the wool cool” anyway and settled back into my chair, leaving the wool to hang out and get cold in the microwave.

Removed it for a pic:

And this is as far as I’ve got! Will be back with more pics when I finish it. Yay. Might even knit some up to show ya.

P.S. Found my car. Will explain more when the humiliation of the whole ordeal wears off.

Photo added MUCH later – to show you how it wound up. Not the brightest (especially when compared to the Wool Company’s variegated yarn) but will do OK for a project at some stage. Not sure what for as it is a bit on the scratchy side.


2 thoughts on “Dyeing fun with Raro!

  1. Hey its Rachael, Jack and Capreces mum, that is so amazing with the wool so never knew you could dye it with raro it looks great. I think we are getting some old ladies to come and tech us to knit at playgroup so i might need some tips if i manage to learn lol


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