Ruling at this craft business

Well, I don’t know about ruling, but I’m pretty proud of this weekend’s effort. We somehow guilted our way into being invited to one of the creche kid’s birthday parties and I decided that I was going to make a pair of pants for him. I scoured the salvation army for fabric and couldn’t find anything in the linen department worthy of being recycled for a little boy with very funky parents until I stumbled across a truly 90s Country Road shirt with colourful striped cord fabric for the body of the shirt and a strange wheat printed flannel for the arms… an ecclectic mix to say the least (I might have used the word “hideous”) Anyway, used the stripey stuff with the fabric I am recovering the couch with (oh yeah, that’s another work-in-progress, will post pics another day). I made little front pockets and a star applique and to be honest, it all turned out really well! (Despite having to resew the crotch of the pants a million times and fearing for a permanent hole :S )

I have pics on Gazza’s camera but will have to wait until they upload them before I can put them on here as I am very computerless at the moment. Mine packed a fit after the plug sparked. I don’t blame it really. Anyway, plenty of other computers around the house so don’t fear for the end of this blog yet! (Though I’m not convinced anyone reads it… probably better that way considering I don’t really censor my ramblings on here!)

Right, must stop ignoring the kid as I feel Tobin’s stress levels are almost peaking now that he knows I’m not doing school work anymore. Oops!


P.S. Will get digital camera soon! Yay! My wishlist will be complete… for now.

Here is the shirt… just imagine that I didn’t cut the arms off and that it originally had buttons (I stole them already – I’d go mad in a looting spree I tell ya). Now, isn’t it just tragic? I am very thankful that the 90s have passed us by. Eurgh.


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