My clever designer sister

I came home yesterday to find the world’s coolest placemats on our dining room table. Jute had been using the laser cutter at school to make a present for Claire (Gaz’s sister – and the same one who is getting the apron). Jute is an industrial design student at Massey University and is super clever at designery business. I remarked the other day that I wanted some screens like the ones from Koziol at Juniper but perhaps less flowery and more leafy. Jute remarked “Woah, I could make those for about $2.” From then I became eternally grateful that my little sister had decided to be an industrial designer. Nothing like cheap designer stuff! Yahoo!

And back to the placemats… I subtly let Jute know that the placemats had the sort of cutout on them that I wanted on my screens and she let me have the cut outs! Yaaaay! They are supercool and are now residing on my bedroom wall. Please excuse the fact that they are pinned up there… I’ll sort out the hanging details later 😛


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