Ramblings about my new blogging mission

Right. So now I know I have atleast a few part-time readers, I am going to take this blog MUCH more seriously. And actually POST! Who’d have thought? The only time I posted in the past was when I got a text from Jax telling me that she was thoroughly bored with reading February 2006’s entry for the 80th time and would I please add something new (Well, not in those words but she meant as much) .

I did end up buying the digital camera and had a quick play with it last night but haven’t had substantial time (or light) to do anything truly interesting – I had more pressing concerns last night… had to drink wine with Lollsy and Small Small. (We watched a Turkish film from the Telecom Film Festival called Times and Winds – not so much the most interesting film I have ever seen and then went out to dinner at a Japanese Restaurant where I also saw Sam and Zara – two sets of friends in one night! My socialising for the rest of the year is done!)

Right – here are some photos of the little wrap cardigan I made inspired by the TinyHappy ones. I’m planning to make some arm warmers with the leftovers of the jerseys I decimated to create this little beastie.

And here is the apron I made for my flatmate’s sister’s 21st which is on this weekend in Rotorua. Sadly I can’t make it but I’m sure Claire Elizabeth will love the skull and crossbones apron – she’s a crazy sort so I had to make a crazy gift.

Tobin is my model. I’m not sure he was that impressed… but time was short and there was no one else around that could wear it for the pics. And a bogan wearing a bogan apron is quite fitting I think. Maybe the next craze? I should write a letter to the heavy metal association and let them know.

And for the last pictorial treat, here is a portrait taken by Miss Hannah kid of yours truly. I haven’t had a pic taken for so long that I thought I’d better make the most of it – letting the two year old loose with the camera. She could have done a lot worse, my head is in there! There is hope for her yet.


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