Second post today

Is it wrong that I want to post about 600 times a day? I think I’m addicted to this blogging business. But considering my addictive personality (member of a million parenting forums anyone?) and the fact that my essay due date are looming (it’s October in 2 months!!! ARGH!!!) it’s not at all suprising that I spend 90% of my day thinking about what to post next and taking photos just so I can post them and show you all. Sad, I know.

Just in the spirit of blog overkill, here are some of the fabric gifts and purchases I have recieved and made in the past few weeks. I’ve finally got my collection underway and have discovered an unnatural obsession with floral prints. I think there is something wrong with me. Well, something more.

I put my hand up for Melissa‘s fabric giveaway and was lucky enough that she sent it to me. Isn’t she lovely?

This is fabric I bought from trademe. Yeah, I know, how lazy! But I don’t have a lot of time to scour op shops at present and when I do it is all rubbish. So I’m supporting those people that trawl op shops and resell on trademe to make money. Damnit. I don’t like them.
The fabric on the right is from Spotlight. Again, I know! But I was there and it called to me.

Another trademe buy on the left. Good buy though. I swapped some of it with Hannah from TNN and she sent me a pile of assortments in return. Far more than I was worth of but it’ll make some cute kiddo clothes so who am I to complain?
The other stuff is from spotlight and it is to make another apron.

Again, from trademe. But it’s cool! And I think I’m going to make a summer dress for myself. Summer dress because it is very light and flowy, and because by summer I may have learnt how to actually use patterns and may be able to make something wearable… I don’t count on it though.

And this is Hanny monkey pants this morning wrapped up. I can’t figure out what to call the expression on her face. Strange.

So yeah, this is procrastination people. It’s far more interesting than writing about representation theory and how that affects US foreign policy in Africa or how civil society has responded to the Global Gag Rule. Though if anyone feels any inclination to write on those subjects, PLEASE would they get in touch with me. Much appreciated.

Now to get a cup of tea and maybe do some school stuff.


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