Last minute present creation

As usual, left things to the last minute. Hannah, Tobin and I are heading off to a birthday party which starts at 11am so this morning I had to haul my butt out of bed (relatively) early and get a makin’. I used the skull and crossbones fabric and black drill of the apron and made a pair of pants for Mr. Dell. I never use a pattern in the formal sense of the word, just quickly cut around a pair of Han’s pants. It always seems to work alright, it’s the sewing that lets the pants down 😉

I screwed up the applique patch thingy in a big way. But I’m just hoping this 3 year old isn’t too fussy and is just happy with skull and crossbone pants. I’m used to using the deceptive technique of applying a personality to clothing so that they’ll have more appeal to the toddly sorts. I picked this up from Niamh who says her son is near impossible to get dressed in the morning. Apparently every morning Niamh has to get R his “running clothes” and if they are clothes for running then he’ll happily wear them. If not then pyjamas it is. Hannah has a pair of “bubble blowing pants” and I’m thinking these pants for Dell may become “Pirate pants”. Sounds good yeah? I’d definitely go for some Pirate pants.

And here is some of the latest additions to my wool stash. I might have got a bit carried away at The Wool Company on our way back from a weekend with Gemma. But I did promise to make some tiny little newborn longies for a few of my internet mama cloth-nappy using friends. So it was justified. The other wool is how the dyeing turned out. It’s a bit darker than the pic, possibly looks more like the darkest part. It’ll be interesting to see how that knits up too. Possibly some longies for monkey kid if I ever get around to it. Or I could actually learn how to knit something other than pants?! Now there’s a thought.


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