Nail-bitingly good

I’ve had a great day. I took Hanny pants round to play at the next-door neighbour’s and checked the mailbox while I was out there and in the box I found a very outwardly anonymous-looking letter. Inside was the Wellington City Council letterhead and a letter telling me that they were big fat dumb asses and they needn’t have towed my car afterall and so I didn’t actually have to pay any of my hardearned (ha!) cash, namely $150, to them. Idiots. They really could have saved me a whole lot of hassle by not towing my car in the first place and making me think it was stolen for A WHOLE WEEK WORTH OF BUS TRAVEL! Now, I’m on a bit of an eco-trip at the moment but this doesn’t extend to possibly the biggest amount of pollution/environmental degradation that I cause – my car use. I’m sorry but I’m just not ready to deal with hauling my oversized child and associated paraphenalia down to the bus stop, on the bus, from Vic to creche, and back again every single day. Maybe when the little toad will actually walk. Or when I don’t have to lug her all the way to Vic. Then I’ll try save the planet.

Anyway, I planned to write about nail-biting. Some of you will know that I am a chronic nail biter. Obsessive compulsive even. I tried to put it on my list of New Year’s Resolutions but so far I have failed in my attempts to stop. I have cut down… but not stopped. I took another look at my nails today and almost threw up – they are THAT bad. So my mission is renewed, and I will continue on with using clear polish whenever the urge to bite overwhelms me. But I will be much more vigilant in my clear polish painting as I’ve been rather slack and I think that is why my nails have taken a turn for the worst. So at the moment I am sitting at 45%. That’s 4 good nails and 1 almost good nail. If I can get it to 90% in the next two months I’ll be stoked. Though that means I have to contend with end-of-year stress due to essay hand-ins and my exam. Good think I’m always up for a challenge!

Oh yeah, and stupid digital camera is not performing, I can’t figure out whether it is the rechargeable batteries or the actual camera. Dumb technology.

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One thought on “Nail-bitingly good

  1. I’m a horrid nail-biter. The only thing that keeps me from biting is putting fake ones on. I’ve done it so many years that I just go to the beauty supply place and get them and do it myself (so I don’t have some whopping big fee attached). I still tend to get frantic sometimes and “bite” off the fake ones, but at least my nails look decent most days and are “funtional”… I can sure relate to you, tho’.


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