Googly boredom

I *might* have googled my blog name to see where it led me. You know what? Someone else had a red-headed devil child! They should meet. Though I think her red-headed devil child is somewhat older than the Hannah version.

Right. Back to work.

P.S. My google search didn’t actually bring up my own blog. Or a link from someone elses page. Or anything even REMOTELY connected to me. Disappointing. I’ll have a word to Mr. Google.


3 thoughts on “Googly boredom

  1. Thanks for coming by my blog – and yes, I DO have a red headed devil child… LOL. She’s now 26 and still spunky and has her own blog, if you haven’t found it. I look forward to reading your blog and would love to link to you, if you don’t mind. It’s fun to think someone else is going to get to go through the red-headed fun as well!


  2. You so are, you’re top of the list!!< HREF="" REL="nofollow">red headed devil child tops the google charts<>and I’ve added you so just give technorati a chance to get with the programme and you’ll see me there 😉< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Nikki on technorati too!<>


  3. Ah yes, I registered with Technorati this morn and it seems they are doing their job getting me to the top of the googly list. Yahooo. Still don’t understand what they do exactly, but I did it anyway.


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