Hannah and Rory being cute

Niamh told me about a conversation she overheard in the car today.

R: Can we watch a film when we get home?

N: If you’ve been good.

R: Oh yes, we’ve been good boys and girls haven’t we Hannah?

H: Girls.

R: Yes, good boys AND girls. (Exasperated)

H: You’re a boy Rory… you’re MY boy.

R: Yes, I’m your boy Hannah. (Again, exasperated)

How cute! The forced friendship has blossomed! And it was good of Rory to humour my little clingy kiddo.


One thought on “Hannah and Rory being cute

  1. I love kids comments.Reminds me of a fairy party I did once. This teeny weeny girl had a gorgeous princess dress on which Id never been before and looked handmade.I leaned down and said to her “Where did you get your beautiful dress from, did your grandma make that for you?”To which the lil princess replied, very blunty “Nah, Mum got it off trademe” and walked off. This is like a 2 year old who knows trademe!!Hahahaha.


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