Hannah Scissor-Hands

So… my little cell phonio started doing its little low battery beep at me last night. I was lying warm and snuggled in bed and was rather unenthused about getting out to plug it in. Luckily my wonderful man Tobin has set up all the pluggy things so they are right next to my bed, so I leaned over as far as I could without falling out of the bed and picked up the charger. I pulled it toward me to plug in my phone and as I did I realised that the cord was reaching and awful lot further than it usually does. I looked down and saw that IT WAS SEVERED FROM THE REST OF THE CORD!

Upon further inspection it seemed there were quite a few cut marks along the cord. Some little two-year-old devil child had gotten a bit scissor happy and had cut my charger cord in half rendering it absolutely useless for its intended purpose. ARGH!!!

Not impressed.


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