Tag, 10 minutes, and a whole lotta clicking

Right, three things to tell ya about today. Well, three seperate parts to this post but probably a whoooole lotta stuff that you’ll be really thrilled to read about. *Terribly sarcastic voice*

Anyway, to kick things off, I’ve been tagged by the luffly and hilarious Sarah from The Bean Bag to do this “8 random things about me” list, then I have to tag 8 people. First of all, they’ve got the numbers all wrong. There are many many many more than 8 random things about me. And second, I’m rather new to blogland so not sure if I even have 8 people to tag. We’ll see who I can find. It might have to be rather random people… or people from blogland that I admire and am a bit apprehensive about linking to. Ah well, that’s what blogland is for.

The rules:
1. Let others know who tagged you.
2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

Right, here we go!

1. When climbing stairs I insist on taking them two at a time. I have to admit there was a period in my life when a little heffalump was permanently attached to my hip and so lugging myself and her heavy little body up two stairs at a time was almost impossible, but apart from that I’m a two-at-a-time-girl. It just seems to make dreaded stairs go so much faster and I think because it’s the only sort of exercise I ever do (being that stairs are fairly compulsary in Wellington, otherwise there’d be no exercise going on, trust me!) I like to put in a little bit of effort.

2. When I was pregnant I ate pumice. Foot pumice from the shower. It was rather gross but I just craved the crunch soooo bad I had to do it. Who knows what is now growing in my mouth. I really don’t want to think about it. *shudder*

3. I can’t stand Times New Roman font. I have to change it virtually as soon as I open a word document. And something I can stand even less than Times New Roman, is when people use multiple fonts in a document. I had a group assignment at Otago University where we had to write a report together and I was in a group with 3 boys. You know how colour-blindness is more common in males? Well these particular males seemed to have font-blindness. A terrible affliction. They used FOUR different fonts in our report. I wanted to cry. In fact, I may have. I know I did swear a lot and they eventually changed it for me to a nice respectable Trebuchet or something, but not without a whole lot of rolling eyes and mumbling under breath.

4. I have a lisp. It gets very bad after a few glasses of wine. Now this isn’t exactly secret or random, but I thought it was something that blogland should know seeing as I’m probably not going to meet many of you, or atleast not for a long time. Know me before you judge me.

5. In 5th form I went through a hair dyeing phase. Does everyone do that? Anyway, I had bleached blonde, purple (YUCK!), and black hair, all in a month. Never again.

6. I’m still very close to some lovely girls who I went through primary school with. Ngaio, Gemma and Alley. I’m also close to my intermediate friends from the “Comber Crew” (name of our teacher in intermediate) as we were outcasts from the rest of school because of being part of “The Brainy Bunch.” (Ahhh… the torment we suffered)

7. Apparently I’m extremely sanguine. Not exactly sure what this means. I looked it up and it didn’t say nice things so I prefer to remain ignorant. A psychotherapist told me in an non-professional capacity.

8. I have a Justin Timberlake CD in my CD collection despite hating the man. I have never listened to it and don’t intend to.

Ermmmm now, who to tag? I think Sue, Mamaanne, Martha, Simonne, Kimber andddd that’s all I’ve got. Apologies to those who don’t actually know me!

Now on to the 10 minutes part of this post. I decided to do some applique stuff as I haven’t done a proper shape thingy before, just cut out an crappily sewed on. Now, that’s not to say that the one I’m about to show you isn’t crappy, because by gosh! It is! (So don’t look too close) but atleast it is my own little cut out piece-y things. And it took me 10 minutes. And it’s for a birthday pressie for a party Han is going to on the weekend. Geepers I hope A doesn’t read this blog! Oh well. Here is my applique on a recycled t-shirt.

And this brings me to the clicking part of the post. Which is what I spent most of today doing, trying to get a decent photo of the little lady Hanny-pants. I managed a couple of okay photos but it seems the little toad can’t keep a decent facial expression for longer than 0.00001 of a second. And given that it seems to take my camera 10000.00 seconds to open the shutter after I push the damn button, then ’tis not really conducive to lovely pictures of my daughter. Oh yeah, and I played with one of them on the primitive editing software we have on this computer, just for fun. Still looks average.

Here’s the red-headed devil child of today – please excuse the pizza she has all over her face in the second photo. Apparently it’s too much to ask that my child be slightly clean for photos.

One thought on “Tag, 10 minutes, and a whole lotta clicking

  1. Cute! I’ll do your 8 random, but not tonight, cos I’m tired.And you’d be surprised how quickly you’ll meet bloggers – especially in Wellington which is so small. You must say “hello” at Craft2.0.


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