These are some of the trees around our garden minuscule back yard being battered by the wind, which is absolutely crazy today. They don’t call it windy Wellington for nothing!

In other news, I got waylaid by someone doing a research survey this afternoon and it turned out to be about coal and the possibility of NZ increasing its energy from coal. *Insert stern face* If it wasn’t for the Nappy Networker’s eco-encouragement then I’d be way up Ignorant Lane with no turning back. But anyway, the survey and Rose’s post about meat being terribly bad for the environment has led me to get my butt into gear and start to make a compost bin thingy. I’ve been wanting a worm farm for aaaages but haven’t yet got around to it. So when I just couldn’t bare to munch the rotten fruit I had amassed in our waste disposal sink I decided to get out the spade!

We have a punga fenced area (well, it’s falling apart but it still stands… just) with a dirt pile which seems to be growing potatoes and pumpkins (sans veges, which is terribly handy. Not.) so I leveled off the dirt and sort of cornered off one side. I just looked up how to compost online and it seems I am going to have to enclose it a bit more and cover it with carpet or something, but it’s a start!

Here are the piccies. Yay!


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