Woolly legs

I have an announcement to make.

I FINISHED MY FIRST PIECE OF KNITTING!!! I knit painfully slow so this is big for me!

The longies for Leila I mentioned in this post have finally morphed themselves into something wearable. I used the wool I got from the Knit World sale and knitted with the Tiny Birds Organics longies pattern (with a few stuff ups alterations). Then I used Utiku Watermelon to make the I-Cord… it was looking a bit boring with all the pink.

There are tonnes of mistakes and when I sewed up the seam I realised that I’d knit one side longer in the body than the other, so there is a wrinkle at the back, and the seam kinda veers off to one side at the top when I’m pretty sure it’s meant to run straight. hehe I’m just fab at this knitting business.

I was feeling so empty when I finished them that I had to run straight to the computer to buy the Picky Pants pattern for my next longies! Sad… I know. I do have to finish Tobin’s scarf first tho. Bleugh. It’s just that scarves are so boring straight.

4 thoughts on “Woolly legs

  1. Very nice! I’ve not been brave enough to do anything “with shape” yet, although I got some sock patterns last winter that I’m hoping to delve into this winter…Now, when do we get to see them on the model? πŸ™‚


  2. They are a pressie for a friend, so I’ll have to get them lanolised first and then gift them, then get them on her, THEN get her to hold still for a photo. hehe I’ll get there eventually. πŸ˜‰Or I’ll just get the Devil Child to model them. I think she’ll fit them better anyway!


  3. hey cute knitted pants… well done.I have never knitted any bottoms of any kind… though I don’t think many have. It reminds me of all those vintage knitting magazines like Stitchcraft and Golden Hands.thanks for your comments on our blog the other day, its nice to hear from new people.-kimberlee


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