10-minute pressies and toddly kids

I had another quick-pressie-creation session this afternoon as my mama and Mark arrive in 1/2 an hour and I didn’t have anything sorted for their birthdays which were both in the last couple of weeks. I whipped up some fabric badges. They are more “me” than “them” but I’m sure they’ll survive. I bought Mark some food-type goodies as well seeing as he may not be too enthused about the badge. haha Ah well.
I took the longies around to Niamh and Leila then forced Niamh to put them on her *muhahaha*. Those of you with toddly 1 and a bit year olds know how evil it is to ask that. It’s hard enough getting them dressed once in the morning, let alone twice. Leila was pretty compliant despite the extremely oversized woollen pants we were trying to wrangle on to her.

And she seemed to like them…

And again, because I can – here is a pic of Hanny pants with her bandanna. I could never pull them off but it seems the fiery ginger kid can. She looks so grown up!!!

P.S. Excuse shite photo taking. I will learn how to use the camera one of these days. Until then you have to deal with badly utilised flash and subsequently over-exposed faces and under-exposed backgrounds.


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