Crafts aplenty

I dragged my family along to Craft 2.0 today so that I could ditch the Devil Child and craft-ogle in peace. I stalked up a storm and talked and shopped at Martha‘s stall where I bought many a Babylicious t-shirt for future gift-giving. This all went out the window as soon as we got home where the Devil Child insisted on wearing them all at once. Ah well, at least they got the Toddly seal of approval.

While I was there I saw a few other Nappy Nerds, namely Sharon, and I got inspired to do crafty stuff so on the way home I dragged Tobin to Spotlight where I knew they were having a wool sale. Cleared them out of a few types of wool and then proceeded to knit the afternoon away and came up with this strange creation… modeled by myself and Tobin.

It was originally for Hannah but I doubted the wool’s chunkiness so came up with an oversized “paper bag” hat. I’m a bit unsure of how I feel about it. I’m wearing it now but let’s just say, I’d not leave the house in it.


8 thoughts on “Crafts aplenty

  1. Best thing to do is knit another dozen and sell the hats at the Craft2.0 Christmas Extravaganza.It was a real pleasure meeting you! And I’m pleased your daughter has snaffled the shirts, evidently she has impeccable taste 😉


  2. I don’t wear hats because my head is a funny shape, but if I did I’d totally wear ones that looked like that.Thanks for the comment on my blog, don’t tell anyone but I’m still around and lurking on everyone else’s pages, I’m just too lazy to blog myself hence the male counterpart blogging for me! I’ll add your blog to my bloglines because you seem delightful! And yes! sell things at the next craft 2.0! I’m going to! it’ll be blogirific! x


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