Here is the cardigan that was unwearable being wearable.

Note how my arms can actually fit through the sleeves now. And it is reversible! I’m so clever! (We’ll forget the sleeve sewing bit)

I think I love it. It sits a bit funny on the shoulders and the black button is positioned in the wrong place but overall, I love it. I love that I designed it. I love that I made it (it’s my first Nikki creation in a loooong time). I love that it’s floral. Oh yeah, I love that I sewed the two front floral panels around the wrong way and unless you look closely, you can’t tell. Yahoo for covering up sewing mistakes!

Alright, that’s enough trumpet blowing from me for now. I’m going to write my essay.


6 thoughts on “Re-stitching

  1. ohhhhhhh! I love it. I vote that you also make these for craft 2.0. I struggle with reversibility in stuff. My brain just doesn’t work like that.I remember over hearing one of the ditzy blond girls at high school (you know the really popular ones?)being like ‘ohh my gawd I saw some hot sunglasses in the weekend, and I was all like omg they’re totally reversible hehehe’. and the saddest part? I personally would have quite easily thought the same thing. Lonh story, sorry. my point? The cardigan is totally awesome. I’d love one, so pretty please consider making some to sell!


  2. Don’t worry, I struggle with it too. Sewed the sleeves shut before I figured out how I was going to do it!Mind you, I usually sew sleeves on upside down, so just sewing shut once was an improvement.And I’ll think about making them… I’ll have to learn to sew properly first 😉In my post-uni unemployment I’ll see what I can do.


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