Meet the flatmate: Gaz

I’ve decided to do a new feature. It is called “Meet the flatmate” and there will be a series of four as I live with, wait for it, four people! The first victim is Gareth, my sister’s boyfriend. Purely because he is the only one home right now.

Gaz has been part of our family for yeeeeeeears as he is literally, the boy next door. My mum’s house is a couple of houses down from his parents’ house and that’s how him and the Jutey kid met. They’ve now been together 5 years. 5 loooong years. hehe

He’s doing a degree in building something-or-rather which means he can be a building inspector when he finishes. He has to pass physics first. I think he’d much rather be playing with cars. He’s the reason behind the fact that we have a garage (which if you lived in Wellington city, you’d know what a mean feat that is!) which doesn’t actually have any cars that WORK in it.

We forgive him as he is the most laid-back, easy-going person I have ever met. And Han thinks he’s pretty cool as he’s just a large 2-year-old. So yeah, that’s Gaz.

In other news… I went shopping today courtesy of the IRD childcare rebate. I bought some lovely new shoes which I have been coveting ever since they appeared in the window of our local shoe store – Bays shoes. I tried on a million different pairs and styles and the sizing just wasn’t right. Those of you who know me, know I have giant clodhopper feet. Yeah, you wanna see me when I used to ballet. Ridiculous. Anywayyy… the guy eventually found a pair in 9 1/2 which fit perfectly! And they are in a print, which I probably wouldn’t have gone for otherwise, but I heart them! So much!

On the way I discovered that the sewing shop that used to be out at Miramar has opened a new shop in the Kilbirnie Plaza. Oh nooooo! I managed to get out of there spending just over $10. I thank Dog they don’t have fabric. Then I went into the Mary Potter Hospice shop and thrifted a lovely pleated skirt for $6 and a couple of metres of striped sweatshirting for $5. Yay! The ladies there tried to talk me into buying some hideously coloured very bright skirts. At first I thought they were serious and I was trying to decline politely until I saw them snickering. Then they tried to sell me some lovely velour jeans. That’s when I knew for certain they were taking the piss. I’ll be going back there for sure!

This is my new skirt and my lovely, lovely shoes. I was going to cut off my head but the photo just didn’t look right with no head. So I apologise.

5 thoughts on “Meet the flatmate: Gaz

  1. Oooo … I love new shoes (love yours especially)!! In fact, I’m almost wondering if I don’t want a new job JUST because I’d need (‘need’ being a relative term) new shoes. Uh huh. It’s possible.If only all shoes were free …Go Gaz on the garage – I didn’t even know you could GET garages in Wellies ;-)~Clodhopper feet unite! Don’t forget there’s an advantage to big or small feet – it’s the average sizes that don’t make it to the sales!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. m’dear, 9 and a 1/2 is teeny tiny! I can’t even buy shoes from a shoe shop usually : ( I would kill for beautiful shoes like that. I love the idea of a post about each of your flatties! See.. thats what I need.. ideas of things to post about! that would get me going again.Oh and if you change your mind about wanting to sew with the sweatshirting I hear there’s a lady in whakatane who will gladly buy it off you, she makes hoodies and is running incredibly low on fabric (it’s me..). : ) I’m always on the look out!Okay! onward! I have a snoring baby to tuck in and a boyfriend with conjunctivitis to watch dvd’s with. yippee! haha x


  3. I apologise to all my fellow big-footed readers. To be honest I’m just scarred for life as I was always told I’d grow into my feet. Turns out my parents were wrong. I’m a fairly average (bordering on short) height and feel size 8 feet would be more in proportion. hehe ๐Ÿ˜›Anyway, glad I’m not alone! xox


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