Meet the flatmate: Jute

This is my little sister, Juliet Katherine. She’s two years younger than me (though many people question that) which makes her almost 21. She does industrial design at Massey University and is in her 3rd year. Because it’s industrial there seems to be a high proportion of males to females in her class, luckily she can kick it with the best of them. She’s insanely good at design and is going to be super famous when she grows up. Once my little sister sets her mind to something, she goes all out.
Hannah is so much like Jutietta. They are both pretty mischevious. Jute loooves to drive me absolutely up the wall by letting Han do forbidden stuff, like drink coke. I think my Dad calls her “good time Aunty” and there’s no denying it.

Jute also has issues with getting out of bed in the morning. Every night before bed she instructs Gaz to get her up and under no circumstances is she to be allowed to stay in bed. He must literally pull her out of bed if she refuses. And without fail, every morning Jute is woken up by Gaz and she proceeds to tell him that she wasn’t serious and that it isn’t fair that she has to get up. I was there the other morning when she growled Gaz for listening to her. Then the next morning I was also there to witness the cutest thing in the world. Gaz got her dressing gown, talked to her nice and gently, pulled back the covers lifted her up in her floppy still-asleep state and straight into her dressing gown and sent her off to a cup of tea.

I love living with my little sister. A) I don’t feel too guilty pawning the kid off on her. B) We fight about shit, LOTS of shit, but I always know we’ll get over it. She’s pretty cool. Even if she does drink a lot.

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