Alley/Ella/Allison, my step-sister but primarily one of my bestest friends from childhood, is coming to stay this weekend. It’s her birthday next week and this is sorta a birthday/meet Nikki’s Wellington crib type weekend. (Yes, I did just say crib.)

It has sort of become my personal mission to make all the gifts I give this year. It keeps costs down (well, arguably) and it makes me take some time to make them (or not, in the case of the 10 minute gifts) so I had to get something sorted again today. I did cheat a little in that I went and bought a top from Just Jeans as a base for this gift. I just don’t quite trust my sewing ability yet (see post about sewing sleeves shut) and I didn’t have a whole lot of time.

Anyway, my idea was to make her a top that she could wear, with the great patriotism us Kiwi’s are known for, when she leaves for her OE at the end of the year. So I cut out the shape of New Zealand from some of my favourite vintage floral. In hindsight, not a great idea a) NZ isn’t that big so you can barely see the flowers b) NZ is so freaking bumpy that it is hard to cut out a fair representation. In my usual style I didn’t apply any perfectionism whatsoever and just went nuts with the scissors. As a result, Farewell Spit is nowhere to be seen and Stewart Island dropped of the map. Sorry folks.

Then I proceeded to try and sew the frigging thing on. As you can probably tell, this did not go well. I did my best with the South Island but sort of cropped off some of the Otago coastline. Oops. Decided that didn’t matter and started with the North Island. Turns out the South Island is a whole lot easier to sew than the North. Stupid lumps and bumps. It was Gisborne that got me in the end though. My stupid machine started to chew cotton and then I had to forcibly tear it from the machine, leaving a gaping big hole. I nearly cried. Luckily the fabric was stretchy so I just folded it all up and sewed over the hole with black thread. You *almost* can’t tell it’s there!!


5 thoughts on “Geographical

  1. I love that idea, and also that fabric! I second the idea about the interfacing too. I stops it fraying, and makes it much easier to sew on too.Ohh I’ll e-mail you today about bloggy get togethers! eee! exciting! Hope you’re having a good day! x


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