1. Sorry Sarah. I was SO looking forward to crashing the party at the Green Container.

2. Sorry readers. I left for Rotorua and so have been spending time in The Real World. Scary, I know.

3. Sorry to anyone driving from Taupo to Rotorua at aproximately 11am on Monday the 27th. The extraordinarily slow driver was me. I don’t usually drive that slow, I promise. My accelerator cable did something funny and meant that I couldn’t drive any faster than a snail. Thankfully my hazard lights still worked and I was able to diffuse any anger with those brilliant flashing beacons of “Beware: this driver may frustrate the hell out of you”

4. Sorry to my work people. In the madness that was a slightly ill Monday morning and trying to leave to pick up the Devil Child, who I hadn’t seen in a week, I forgot to tell you I wouldn’t be there. Thankfully my job is exceptionally unimportant and they have the fab Lizzie to do the proper Librarian stuff.

5. Sorry to Mum for forgetting all the stuff I was meant to bring with me to Rotorua, for the same reason as number 4.

6. Sorry to Tobin for not being able to include you in “Meet the Flatmates” just yet. I forgot the USB cord so all the photos are stuck on the camera until I get back home or snake Mum’s laptop. Unlikely though, she sleeps with that thing.

That’s enough apologising for today.


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