Upsetting racism…

… in the guise of political commentary.

I stumbled upon a blog by an ex-military man in the United States. It’s made me realise how much I have isolated myself in the lovely, happy, slightly-hippy, crafty sector of blogland. I now remember that blogland is also host to a whole lot of racist bigots who are perpetuating the hatred and violence that goes on around the world.

Now I won’t pretend to be an expert, or have the military experience that this particular man does, but holy geepers, is it THAT hard to figure out that violence breeds violence?

And do I need to go out on a limb and say that the whole freaking reason that the people that hate America do so because they give them very good reason to???

For this, (and while it has its own problems) I can’t WAIT for the oil crash.

P.S. GuyK, sorry to single you out, I know there is a whole lot more where you came from.

9 thoughts on “Upsetting racism…

  1. No problem Nikki. I appreciate you coming by..and one thing about my country..I have the right to freedom of expression..the ragheads that you seem to want to protect deny this right to their own people and will to you also if you give them the chance. I left a comment to the comment you made on my site and I will leave it here for you and your readers:John Stuart Mill on WarWar is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.John Stuart Mill, 1806-1873You see, it was not the USA who took over an Iranian Embassy nor the USA who bombed the World Trade Center nor the USA who has been blowing up Israeli school buses nor the USA that has been rioting in France burning vehicles and demanding a free lunch from thiose who work for a living. It is not the USA who riots in the streets when something offends their religion and it is not American clerics who demand Americans kill those who refuse to bow to a perverted religion started by a man who figured it was just fine to marry a nine year old this country we lock those kind of perverts up.You can call it bigotry or hatred or whatever. But yes, I despise the ragheads who are out to kill me and destroy my way of life..a way of life that I gave up many years of to defend it for others. The question is are YOU willing to defend your little corner of the wrold when the ragheads come after you? Because if we can’t stop them they will whether you believe it or not..just take a look at the tenets of Islam and the history of what they have may be next.


  2. The reasons you can sit down there and be safe are numerous. First, you belong to a nice country (my brother hunts there) but one that is politically insignificant. Osama isn’t coming to kill 3000 of your countrymen. You can afford to be forgiving and accepting, since you risk nothing by doing so. Next point. You are right. You don’t have any military experience. You have never been down into the middle east and seen these islamic nazi’s first hand. So you don’t know anything about them. Some of us have, and do. You can just go right on being an Eloi, because right now America is protecting you from the Morlochs.


  3. Nikki:I’d agree with you, that violence and warfare do not breed good feelings, but I would submit that the hatred, violence, and desire to conquer, on the part of the Islamic world, predated American involvement…Historically, Islam has always been a religion/culture of expansion and conquest; it quickly conquered Arabia, and had spread across the whole of N Africa and into India by the 1000’s; under the Ottoman Turks, Islamic armies beseiged Vienna as late 1683.In their dominions, Islamic government has never been good for the non-muslims; Jews and Christians are required to pay a protection tax (an extortion rackets, as the ones making the threats were the tax collectors), and were subject to a number of other restrictive rules. Members of other religions were required to convert to Islam or die.Even in today’s world, Islamic societies are naturally tyrannical, and commonly work to squash out all dissent: just look at Saudi Arabia’s treatment of non-muslims in the Kingdom, or Syria and Jordan’s current laws prohibiting entry to all Jews; or Kuwait’s treatment of palestinian laborers.Finally, many Islamic terrorist organizations explicity state that their long-term goal is to establish world-wide Islamic rule. Hamas, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and the country of Iran all fall into this category.It is not racism to acknowledge that there is an enemy out there, and to work to defeat that enemy’s objectives. It is self preservation.


  4. Good evening..cute little girl you have in the Pic!Lets hope she grows up to be a fine young lady, unmolested, Un-enslaved. Lets hope, if she goes to Day Care, that some Nuts do not Decide in the name of Allah, to blow up her, with thousands of other innocents. im sorry to say, but I am NOT ashamed to say, I hate the people that orchestrated this in the name of Islam. Some say that makes me “Islamaphobic” No. It does not, because I am Not Afraid of them. I will kill them if they come near me, my children, or family, and I support everyone of the soldiers over there fighting. If you think it wont happen to you, the USA thought that way, its why 9/11 happened, so beware, they are coming, so you had better watch out. Sincerely.The British Bird.


  5. Some of us fought terrorism and communist oppression first hand, terrorism is all the same, designed to demoralize and gain a subject’s submission, the target is indiscriminate. Women, young children, the aged or the school children . This is the tactic used by Islam against their own peoples to keep them obedient to the order. They have their own religious police, the muttawa, to enfore their loyalty, they have no compunction about killing those who convert from Muslim to other faiths, it is forbidden. They do not allow any other religions in their countries, Dhimmitude is the realm of non believers who are terribly discriminated against. The tenets of Islam mark all non believers as infidels, subject to death, if they do not convert. I certainly hope you and your family are never visited by the terrorist, but they can and will attack you, it is only a matter of time. There is no freedom to choose your religion in Muslim countries, people caught practicing or preaching anything but Islam are –Killed. We think of Hitler, Mussolini or Mao as totalitarian or Fascists, these were mere leaders of a Socialist-Communist ideology. Islam is a different beast, there is no central leader, each member is a leader of their own fatwa, they can issue and carry out their cult of death with virtual impunity because they enjoy the protection and sanction of the sect and the Imams. I have been battling these beasts since 1967, both the Communist and Islamo-Fascists, I don’t fear them I loathe them. I have also seen first hand some of the atrocities perpetuated against non-combatants, by the very same people who are your friend, worker or co-defender by day who runs amok at night, pillaging, raping and butchering their fellow citizens or trying to kill us in their bid to control through terror. There is a reason these people are still living in the 7th century, they are ardent followers of Mohhammed the murdering pedophile . Call it Racism if you like, this war started long before the crusades, but Muslims are from all races just like your fellow countryman. Which ones are Muslims working to undermine your government? Have a nice day Nikki, some godfearing Judeao-Christian is putting their life on the line each day to protect not only you but also me.


  6. Just wanted to say a few things – I don’t defend extremists. Extremists of ANY sort.I just have to disagree that it is Islam that is breeding this sort of stuff, because it isn’t – I’ve studied the religion and in itself, it is not a violent religion. If it weren’t Islamic extremists it would be another sort, such as communists as Jack mentioned.Anyway, I appreciate you guys (and girls) stating your case. (I just had to edit this comment as I said I was going to say ‘one’ thing and ended up rattling on a bit more than I planned)


  7. You need clarification on the use of the word “racism”. It’s one of the left’s favorite words nowadays, and people like you toss it around to squash dissent.` People cannot choose their race, so hating someone merely for the color of their skin is wrong. People CAN, however, choose their religion, and those who willfully choose a religion that embraces horrific acts against humanity as holy work deserve contempt. That is NOT racism.


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