Back to the usual programme

We made a trip over to Whakatane today to hang with the wonderful and superbly funky Rhiannon and little Aesop. I blog stalked her good and proper, luckily she was a good sport and didn’t mind too much that I imposed myself on her despite the fact that she’s only been reading my blog a VERY short time. I bought cupcakes, just in case. Who can resist them?

First stop was coffee at a cafe where I caught up with one of the Rotorua girls from high school days, Tracey Mei, she was a bit older and one of the Girl’s High Girls (high school rivalry over boys and all that) but anyway, it was great to see her! The coffee was yummy, Hannah was occupied with the toys and eating pansies, and the sun was shining like it was summer.

Then we hit the op shops where everyone knew Rhiannon personally so we were treated like royalty (well, as much as you can in a shop full of second hand goods) and I went a bit mad as things were a quarter of Wellington op shop prices! I bought a whole lot of stuff that I’m not convinced I’m actually going to wear, but I figure that’s what op shopping is all about. I’ll have to blog about my purchases another day as I have a whoooole lotta photos to bombard you with already. We were spotted by another lady I know, Kellz from OhBaby, who got my attention finally and introduced herself. It was lovely to meet her and little Isla after “knowing” her online for so long. She’s as gorgy in real life as she is in photos!
We headed off to collect Aesop from his childcare centre after that. And OHMYGOSH. So much space! So many toys! Grass!!! This place had a swimming pool!!! Anyone who has looked at childcare in Wellington will know that space and grass are not to be taken for granted. Hannah and I were equally as awestruck but I managed to tear myself away before I lost my child in the toys and play equipment for more shopping and to pick up some food. The little ones were SO cute together at this stage and lots of hugs and hand holding was going on. It’s cute now, just remind me of this when she’s 13 and I’m appalled by exactly the same thing.

The poor kiddliwinks were exhausted by this time, so we dragged them back home for lunch before the Devil Child managed to sink her teeth into poor Aesop properly. Aesop and Rhiannon showed great hospitality, I’ll give Aesop more credit for this feat as we all know two-year olds are notoriously possessive. Turns out Hannah thought Aesop’s things were her own more than the other way round. Luckily he’s a pretty forgiving young man.

I finally managed to drag a very very tired Devil Child away from Aesop’s fab toys and we quickly stopped at the shoe shop on the way home where I bought some great shoes identical to Rhiannon’s. What can I say, the lady has style! I’d be silly not to emulate her. Hannah then spent the next 10 minutes asking “where my friend gone?” until she crashed out in her carseat for the rest of the ride home.

Thanks for the fab time Rhiannon!! We’ll be back to pester you again one day… and you are more than welcome to come hang/stay/eat/sleep/booze with us in Wellington.

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