So much to say!

Our internet connection was packing a sad last night and I didn’t realise how bad that would make me feel… BAD!! I fear I am addicted. Ah well, atleast it’s not P. So here is my post-Rotorua update with pics aplenty. I apologise to those of you with ancient connections dial-up. I’m just going to put the pics on and write a commentary based on that. Otherwise I’ll not remember what the heck I am trying to say. Unfortunately that means the formatting will probably be all squishy and you won’t be able to read a thing, but you’ll have pretty pictures and that’s what counts.
This my Alley Belly. She’s my step-sister and my oldest friend. Well, she’s not old but she’s been around and awful long time! We’ve been friends since we were about 5 and we’ve been through some rough stuff, like our parents splitting up and then getting back together in a slightly different configuration when we were 14 (as if teenage-hood ain’t traumatic enough! šŸ˜‰ ) but we still have fun together and I luff her. Lots.
On her birthday we went out to Zippy Central in Rotorua. Super funky cafe and one we have frequented since we were old enough to be let loose in central Rotovegas by ourselves. In the pic is Hannah (evacuating the photo), Pip (the blondie), Alley, Tracey (Alley’s older sister) and Marcie (Alley’s younger sister).
Then we had a whole week of doing not a whole lot but including blowing bubbles and taking photos of ourselves (the glasses thing was also constant… I cannot stress enough how hard it is to get slimy little toddly finger marks off glasses. ARGH.) and hanging out at the Fat Dog Cafe in Rotorua. Our outing to the Fat Dog was one where my muffin was acquired by a certain Devil Child who would not give it back to me for all the love in the world, despite me being hungry enough to sell her for a cheese burger. I eventually gave up on trying to play Nice Mummy and stole a bit, which led to melt-down number 1. Let’s just say we aren’t very welcome back at the Fat Dog.

As promised, here is one of my purchases from the Land of Rhiannon, where everything costs less than $5. I may have purchased all the wraparound skirts I came across. This is the blue one with flowers printed on. Unfortunately the flowers are rather faded but still very very pretty.
And on our way home from Rotorua we stopped in to see the luffly Sarah from the Bean Bag. Her little assortment of buildings/containers is so ultra funkily cool. You could very very easily hide from children and forget you even have them! Her kidlets are cutey cutey, though I’m not sure B3 was very impressed with me. He’ll be a hard one to win over. Next time… next time…

H1 was lovely and goobly, just how one year olds should be. Unfortunately I was exhausted so was possibly the Most Boring Visitor in the World and I couldn’t even deal with my own child, let alone be super fun for other ones. Luckily Sarah didn’t seem to mind my uber-boringness and just let me hang out until I got my Mum sorted to pick us up. Possibly the most complicated arrangement in the world… but that’s what ya get when you want to go to the Middle of Nowhere and your sister doesn’t want to join you! Next time we’ll ditch Jute and head out there for a decent visit (with a little more enthusiasm from me!), and we’ll bring food so I don’t have to sponge off Sarah.

For the record – I did plan to bring yummy lunchy food, it’s just there aren’t a whole lot of shopping options on the way to the Middle of Nowhere and I was very late as it was. Super late, some might say.
Hanny loved the trampoline. Then despite all the toys in the world, the kiddos decided the car was a fun place to play in. Extracting the kids to get them back inside was a difficult process but eventually they complied and joined in a game of who can steal the most blocks from each other.

Hannah then decided she’d take a few pics with my camera (read: fill up the whole bliming memory card). Bless her though, at 2 and a lot, she’s already on her way to becoming a blogger. This is one of her pictures. Most were of H1 as he seemed the most willing model. B3 had given up hope on Hannah and was hiding from the camera.
After our Bean visit and the sister collection, we headed on our way to Wellington. It was a typical Spring day, driving through blue skies and lots of sun and then hitting a big black cloud with lots of rain. The sunny part was when we were driving past the mountain and I furiously clicked the camera button trying to get a shot that had the least amount of window grime in it. We are tourists on the go, none of this pulling over business.

And even though it wasn’t entirely pleasant driving into the rainy bits, it did make for a lovely big rainbow over the Desert Road.

We eventually made it home and found that the Lovely Tobin had cleaned the house for us. It’s so lovely having a boyfriend with slight Obsessive Compulsive Disorder tendencies.

So now it is back to the school work. I have a whoooooole lot to do in not many weeks. All crafting is on hold until then. Well…. most crafting. šŸ˜‰


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