My kind of knitter and caffeine overload

Right, so I’ve only found the BEST knitting blog in the whole world for completely newbie knitters like myself with a fabulous pattern for a simple hat (though it is in circulars and what she calls DPN ofD – Double Pointed Needles of Death – which I’m a little worried about.)

I said I wasn’t going to do any crafting. But Dad missed out on a Father’s Day Present… and in true Nikki fashion, he will get one, just EXTREMELY late.

Crazy Aunt Purl is going on my fav Worldly Bloggers list. Yahoo.

In other news, I got a coffee this morning from the Illot Cafe at Vic Uni. Usually the coffee is weak as crap so I decided to order an extra shot. Now, I’m not always a coffee drinker – usually a tea girl but I indulge in the odd caffeine high every now and again to procrastinate before getting into study. Today however, there was a different guy making the coffee and I suspect that he usually makes a decent strength one. So, had I ordered a normal coffee I may have been just fine and dandy to make it through the day but of course with this extra shot I feel absolutely wired. Not pretty. Almost might need to go and get some food to settle myself down.

OR I could take advantage of my jitteryness and apply it to the keyboard sitting in front of me and the school work which is hiding beneath this IE window.

Did I tell you I did lots of school work last night? I did. We’ll ignore the fact that I wiled away the day looking at blogs while Hanny was at creche though.

Right…. onto school work. Yayyyyy for writing about transnational activism and the Global Gag Rule!


3 thoughts on “My kind of knitter and caffeine overload

  1. I wish I could knit, but I really just don’t have the patience, even for supposedly quick and easy projects! I do symapthise with the procrastination though. crimeny I’ve been terrible so far this week. I’m so looking fwd to my internet and child free weekend. hallelujah!


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