Not for the faint hearted

Hannah is sick. She’s currently crashed out on my sister’s bed and who knows when she’ll decide to wake up!

Yesterday afternoon I was called into Han’s creche to pick her up as apparently she was inconsolable about a sore “neck”, which turned out to be throat. When we got home she perked up a bit and asked for a lemon honey drink to fix her throat. It was then I started to doubt the existence of this “sore throat” as Jute has been having lemon honey’s lately and Hannah had taken a particular interest in them. Life went on as usual with Han refusing her dinner as it had potatoes in it (Oh! The INJUSTICE of being served potatoes!) and the long, drawn-out process which is bedtime began. Upon the familiar credit rolling theme music of Shortland St (Yes, I do organise by daughter’s routine by crappy NZ soaps) Hannah started to cry and cry and cry (not entirely convincingly, might I add) and there were even tears, REAL TEARS, and moaning about a sore head. Being the cold hearted mother I am, told her to stop crying and plonked her on the toilet and then made her brush her teeth. She was still complaining of a sore head when I put her to bed so I took her temperature, which was normal, and said good night. No more was heard from the whinge factory that is the Devil Child.

UNTIL 12.30am. I have a sick smelling, teary, little two-year-old come into my room with just knickers on. The poor little chicken had been sick all through her bed. (Honestly, how much vomit can one child produce?!? Apparently a lot!) Tobin, Jute and I cleaned her, her bed, the floor, and then us, from all the remnants of Hannah’s dinner. Which, Thank Dog for potatoes, was not much. Then I felt bad. Real bad. So when the freshly dressed but still sicky smelling child came into my room at some hour of the night, I let her crawl in. She woke up at one point and asked to be taken back to her bed and then promptly threw up all over it again. Luckily I had a bowl ready and caught most of it as I was in no mood to remake the bed again. A towel sufficed. Then I got my sleeping bag and a mattress and camped out next to my sickling child for the rest of the night.

And now, I have just got back from the video store with a Dora and a TinTin DVD… that’s right, I’m going to assuage myself of guilt by letting Hannah watch unlimited amounts of Dora.


8 thoughts on “Not for the faint hearted

  1. oooohhhh ick. This almost exact same story happened for us just a little while ago. Aesop’s first ever spewy bug.Unfortunately for Abraham the first one was into his face! Thank christ it wasn’t my face or I would have spewed right back into his, I can handle poo and things but I just cannot handle puke. noooooo sir. So, so glad for Abraham was I.I hope Hannah is feeling better, and enjoying Dora. Aesop has an incredibly runny nose which he says is very sore, and a squeaky cough. But those are much easier on both of us than a spewy bug! hope you both feel better soon!


  2. Just found you!Speaking of small children and sick…my son threw up on my DOG, who then shook herself to get clean. BAD! But worse when I tell you that this all happened in my KITCHEN!!


  3. Omigosh, so I need to be very thankful that a) my face remained spew-free (poor Abraham! Tobin was gagging as it was hahaha) and b) that we don’t have a dog. I can’t even begin to imagine where you were finding vomit remnants for months afterwards πŸ˜‰And nice to “meet” ya Janet πŸ˜€


  4. I don’t think you shoudl feel bad. I used to work at a kindy and it’s really hard to tell when they are genuinely sick. One minutes they are running around and laughing and the next the are projectile vomiting._kimberlee


  5. janet clare – AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! EWWWWW!!!!!! I can SEE it happen!! Nikki – there is nothing wrong with bribery and corruption when one feels guilty about something. How on earth did you think Al caught on to sexural favours after I’ve been shopping?? πŸ™‚


  6. Ooooh noooo! Poor Hannah, and poor you! Huge sympathy for vomit cleaning, I spent aaaages yesterday cleaning vomit out of Benjy’s carseat, not fun. Apparently he gets carsick :s


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