The Devil returns

When I say Devil, I think I mean Hannah. She’s back and she’s bouncy. We made cupcakes this morning and she ate half the mixture… I’d say she’s definitely over her tummy bug but I won’t rule out her vomiting again this afternoon though!!

The other Devil that might have returned is the Procrastination Demon that plagues me at these times of the year.

Does this look like school work to you???

Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

Although it does mean that I have drafted a primitive pattern of the cross-over top that I made a few weeks ago. And I have cut out the new version in my favourite floral fabric EVER. I haven’t figured out how to do the neckline but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. (Yes, that bridge was a while back, some might say when I was, you know, making the pattern!!! But I figure I still have time to turn around and try again.)

Right, must get onto essays before my friend Sammyantha turns up. We are going to gorge on the cupcakes that Han and I made.


2 thoughts on “The Devil returns

  1. True story …I had a friend at uni who was such a shocker for procrastinating that he decided to submit an essay on it for a psych paper (I think it was psych anyway).2 years later, when I left, he had several hundreds of dollars in fines racked up at the library and 28, I think it was, books relating to that essay topic still outstanding!There is a courier on its way to you – I left the shoes out, but added a shirty/jackety thing which you may hate, but the trim fabric seemed so you. You can chop it up for the trim if you want to!


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