Meet the flatmate: Tobin

This is Tobin, the newest member of the flat. He’s with me, baby. Tobin arrived in March this year after a bit of time over in Australia visiting his brother, Haisley. I’d somehow managed to convince him that I was semi-OK and that he should ditch his plans to move to Aussie and come to Wellington instead. (Well, to be fair, he came up with that plan but who was I to discourage him?)

Tobin is 1/3 geeky, 1/3 hippy, 1/3 bogan – just the way I like ’em. He currently works at NZPost after deciding to stretch his ears instead of doing his master’s degree. It’s not exactly his preferred place of work but he gets to meet a few Eastern European people and try out his Russian, Polish or Bulgarian. He seems to have the freakish ability to pick up languages and is teaching himself those three at the moment. Slightly more useful than the Ancient Greek he took as his major in his degree, given that no one speaks the damn language any more. πŸ˜‰

He’s had a hard road getting on the good side of little Miss Devil Child, but I can safely say that they are pretty good mates and she treats him as crappily as she treats the rest of us. “Tobinnnnn” being just a euphemism for “Come hither, Slave.”

Tobin is super handy to have around the house given that we are all (especially the Devil Child) prone to leaving a whirlwind of mess behind us. He’s forgiven me for being completely disorganised and folds all my washing for me. Definitely keeping him and VERY glad that he decided Devil and I were worth a chance. πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Meet the flatmate: Tobin

  1. Loverly laddie πŸ™‚ And clever too, seeing the value of our Nikki and her gorgeous devily child.The only thing that perterbs me is the earhole thing … you know how some things just give you the shudders? With my husband, it’s jandals (and the (ok, MY) Visa bill), with me, it’s stretchy earholes. What happens when you’re eighty? You’ll trip over the blimmin things and do a hip.


  2. We did see a guy out with his grandkids a few months ago, wearing short-shorts and revealing his full body tattoos and GIANT (you’d throw up) stretched earlobes. I laughed at Tobin then about it but he doesn’t seem to care. I’m not sure I do either, I guess I see it as one day it’ll be a memento of who he once was. Though more than likely he’ll still be listening to metal. I just won’t let him wear short-shorts πŸ˜›


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