Dreaded time of year

At precisely 5 weeks to go til essay due date, the much anticipated and anxiously awaited coldsore has appeared. Without fail, I get these 5 weeks before major due dates.

Yuck. So now I look all festy and gross. Ah well, none of the other kids camping out in the VZ101 computer room will care because they probably all have them too. Ha!


3 thoughts on “Dreaded time of year

  1. Take it one day at a time m’dear. Just keep plugging away on that essay day by day and make sure you make some progress, whatever that may be (even if it’s just a page of rambling that can be cut down to even a paragraph, or a topic starter!) EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And, by ‘progress’, I do NOT mean sewing, knitting, or any other procrastination-related Nikkiness.xo You can do it. Cold sores be damned!(BTW – don’t tell anyone … but do you know I know open your blog before OB even?? I’m addicted!)


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