Spoiled to bits!

I had a message the other day from a lovely lady in Auckland saying that she was clearing out her wardrobe and being rather ruthless and would I like a few tops. Now, in the past I have tried to buy stuff off her but she sets ridiculously low prices. This time I had little to no money after going a bit mad and buying a pile of stuff from the lovely Rhiannon and her gorgeous Toast hoodies. But apparently I was not required to pay for these things.

Now, what I haven’t mentioned is that the Ginger has a problem. A BIG problem. It’s out of control and her husband can’t do anything to stop it. It’s called Compulsive Spending Disorder.* In her case, it is particularly bad as her geographical location has meant that she’s also afflicted with Buy Designer-wear Syndrome. I worry about her. Anyway, her cleaning out her closet has meant that there are several recipients of the Generous Ginger Foundation, me being one of them. So now I have to show off. (And I also have to think of something really nice to do for her… any ideas? I have a few, just need to wait til school finishes before I can get them sorted)

Here is one of the beautiful shirts she sent. Perfect for work! Yay! The print is gorgeous and it fits perfectly.

Then there is the cutesy Venus t-shirt. Please excuse the photo, it looks like I am growing a baby in there. I’m pretty sure it’s just a cupcake baby though. Whaaaat…? I have to eat them all before they go stale!!!
And of course, then little Miss Posey-Pants had to get involved in my photo shoot. Complete with half-chewed apple.

And lastly is the shirt, which is lovely fabric. The Ginger said that she thought of me based on the print of the trim, and Oh So Correct! I love it!! I just may make some minor adjustments and then voila! Another piece for my work wardrobe, which has just multiplied by atleast 50%

So thank you, thank you, thank you S! You’ve made my day a million times over. xoxoxox

*She has been doing rather well in our mission to combat Rampant Consuming so I shouldn’t bag her too much 😉


4 thoughts on “Spoiled to bits!

  1. Wooppee!! Glad you like 🙂 I knew you’d be able to do something with the yellow shirt too – it’s a bix boxy as it is now. BUT you are not to do anything to it that classes as essay procrastination 😉 (Plus, it’s selfish really – you were so happy, you posted again today (!!), and, as I said earlier, I have an addiction. Not the shopping one.)


  2. Love love love the venus shirt … and the budding model in training is pretty cute too – what a pose.And oh my gawd have you been busy lately!!! I’m exhausted just reading your blog.


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