Tribute to Unistop

I’d just like to say that Unistop at Victoria University (our friendly local student dairy) has THE BEST SELECTION OF CONFECTIONERY. Hands down. Without a doubt. Compared to the other options, it is positively delightful.

I am currently stuffing my face with Reese’s Pieces (which by the way, are really hard to find in NZ) and later I am going to go and indulge in a Cadbury Snow Flake – my ultimate favouritive chocolatey goodness in a bar.

The only problem is that I spend a fortune there. Ya can’t win can ya?

P.S. Ate too many Reese’s Pieces and now feel sick.


2 thoughts on “Tribute to Unistop

  1. you are a piggy child and we feel extremely sick too after eating up large on macaroons i made yesterday(very good) filled to boy level with chocolate butter icing (very bad). good to see you are still alive my chicken!! xxx mummy


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