Sick joke and street art

Hannah and I were walking along this morning on our way to creche when I saw a new stencil had appeared on the footpath with “Fairlie Tce Cat Burglars” as the text. Funny.

THEN I saw this…
I hope like hell that stencil is a joke.

Anyway, then I decided to take pics of the cool street art I come across on my walk from work up to Victoria Uni and then from Vic to creche.

This ice cream is on an meter box halfway up the Dixon St death hike steps. I love street art stickers. They are so responsible in a totally rebellious way.

The jester is relatively new, but then I’ve not made the hike up the hill for a while so it could have been there months!!
I always thought this was a guy smoking up, but now it appears on my screen it looks like he is praying. Who knows. And on the wall it looked like the same guy from three different angles, but now here it looks as if it is 3 different guys. Who knows.

I looooove street art. And am semi-pleased to see that the tagger who writes “F is for fun” all over Wellington is moving onto stickers. I certainly hope he continues this way as I don’t loooove tagging. No siree. I come from Rotorua where the most political the graffiti gets is “Yo F**K Yo” – YUCK.


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