OK, excuse the really crappy photos. I haven’t yet had breakfast and so am in no photo-taking mood and I’m pretty average at the best of times. I’ll try update these later but wanted to get this done incase I forgot.

I splashed out and bought a lovely Toast bag and hooded sweatshirt and received my package the other day. I jumped for joy when I saw our tiny little mail box crammed full of packagy stuff. It’s my favourite sight EVER. Must take a pic next time to revel in its fun-ness.

Anyway, I dived into the package in the car on the way to creche. Well, more specifically, while I left Gaz to buckle the wriggly kid into her car seat. In it was my lovely hoodie and lovely bag wrapped in gorgeous pink tissue paper AND a beautiful card from Rhiannon saying that she’s included something for Hannah as well. Hannah got the cutest little handbag to match mine! She’s totally in love with it and we HAD to take it into the supermarket on our way home from creche/uni. Looking super cool in our matchingness. Yes, we match. I’m not ashamed.

Oh yeah, and Han decided it also made a good hat.

Also included in the package were two cute little badges. I left one in the car accidentally so I’ll have to post a pic of that later but here is the little dog badge which Hannah is very excited about.

Here is the hoodie in all its glory. You can also see the bag dumped lovingly on the couch too. Better than the horribly exposed pic of Hannah and I anyway.

Thank you Rhiannon. You are, yet again, fabulous. Love our purchases! And the little bag and badges were such a pleasant suprise. We’ll be back 😉


3 thoughts on “Toasty

  1. I waaaaaaant one!!I neeeeeeeed one!!Seriously!!When I followed the linky the other day, I too one look at the mustard hoodie and oh! my! word!I absolutely love the posey Hanny pic … love it! That kid of yours is … going to be trouble in approximately 13 years methinks.


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