So I’ve sorta stolen the idea from The Bean’s “Red Stuff Rocks” post and Soulemama’s “Inspired by green” post and come up with a post about red. I’m sure I’ll be back to do more colours soon but I am loving red at the moment.

The first lot of redness at the top is from a series of prints my mum did from a photograph for Hannah’s room. They are all the same print in different colours. We’ve not got round to framing them yet but one day…. one day we will.

This red tile sits atop our dining table as a hot mat. It has a royal blue friend. (Note marks where I hastily wiped grime from tile and table)

Mum took this photo and printed it onto foam board for us and it sits in our lounge beside a vase with these sticks poking out:

Tobin happened to be wearing a hooded sweatshirt with this print on it.

And this is another pic of the whiteboard which Miss Hanny Pants has taken over. It is meant to be the domain of shopping lists and flat notices but apparently not if the Devil Child has anything to do with it.
My bedroom has a bit of a red theme going on and the blanket which resides on my bed is the start. It has quite a few colours but predominantly red. It was a 21st present from my lovely Granny and I think it is beautiful.

My favourite red boots in the whole entire world which I wore virtually every day throughout Winter. I heart my red boots.

This is an exceptionally dusty mirror, given to me on my 21st birthday by Trudi, one of Mum’s friends from wayyyy back when she was a little one. The fish is a drawing/painting done by my sister, Jute, in her first year of design at Massey University. They all had to go and purchase a fish from the market and bring it to class to draw. Quite a smelly class I believe. Jute’s fish had started to decompose and the mouth had half rotted off by the time she got around to drawing it.

And last of all, the sole red picture from outside. Hannah’s Tonka dump truck which she has just fished out of the garden after it was discarded from last Summer.


6 thoughts on “REDelicious

  1. When we finally get unpacked and settled into our cosy nest (we just mved at the weekend) I will post a picture of my room. Not only do I have a red duvet, red lamp, red towels, almost all red clothes, but the postie painted a picture called radiant K (that’s me) which is red to die for…


  2. I love that everyone loves red. Fabulous colour. Can’t wait to see if everyone is as enthused about my other favourite colour, brown. I doubt it.And would LOVE to see pics of your room K. Just as long as it doesn’t make me seethe with jealousy. My room leaves a lot to be desired.


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