Did I mention that I got a sewing table? My very own antique sewing table that used to have a real live sewing machine growing in it? Well, that’s been ripped out so it isn’t so exciting (Niamh has one complete with sewing machine! It’s GORGEOUS!) but it is a place for my little crappy sewing machine to sit. It doesn’t have to reside in my wardrobe any more! Yay! I love my table with it’s dusty wrought iron legs. *Note to self: Must clean stuff before posting to the InterWeb.

Doesn’t it look so happy with a place of its own?

Oh yeah, and I tidied my fabric collection into boxes. I went to buy a couple boxes from the House of Plastic Crap Warehouse and I thought to myself “Oh hey, I’ll get three boxes instead of two so I have some room to add stuff.” Turns out I underestimated my fabric buying addiction. I only started collecting fabric a few months ago and all of a sudden it fills three 60L bins to capacity! I even had to lie on them to force the handles up and hope like hell each side didn’t pop open as I was trying to wrangle the other! I think I have a problem. Also that top bin is now full of wool. If you knew how slowly I knit then you’d know how ridiculous it is for me to have that much wool. Ridiculous I tell you.

So here is my lovely little sewing corner. Tobin is unimpressed. Though marginally more impressed now the fabric is not strewn around our room. And he humoured me by saying that when we get a place of our own that I can have a craft room. A CRAFT ROOM! But this of course means that we’ll have to leave Wellington as unfortunately my fabric stash isn’t that keen on paying rent. We’ll see. 😉


4 thoughts on “Cornered

  1. I hear Whakatane’s rent might allow you to have a crafting room. hehe. And it has a great peschool! and lovely people (well us anyway. ha). But yeah, you would have to give up any hope of awesome jobs, awesome cafes, awesome night life and awesome craft stores. hmm.


  2. Congrats on your craft area – love the old singer table. My mum has one complete with machine that is now in her garage under a pile of crap; I’m hoping to inherit it one day (minus the crap).Impressed with your fabric stash if it’s only a couple of months old. Mine is only a few weeks old, but already starting to look a lot like a stack!


  3. Cute!!!I have one of those funky table/machines residing at my mums atm……and the machine still works! It just needs a new belt. Very cool 😀


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