Stupid blogger

Stupid blogger deleted my stupid post. Luckily it was just ridiculous rambling otherwise I’d have been really peeved.

Now, just so as to not get your hopes up – this is going to be a pointless post. In bullet form.

Things currently running through my brain

  • I’m addicted to buying floral fabric.
  • 28 days til essays are due.
  • World of Wearable art on next Friday and I’m there baby! Yahoo. Thanks Mum.
  • Lots of babies around the place.
  • Need to make stuff for lots of babies around the place.
  • 28 days til essays are due.
  • A custard square would go down exceptionally well right now. I’m addicted.
  • I have an addictive personality.
  • I can’t operate without my diary.
  • I’ve not been using my diary lately.
  • I acquired a pen from work which we got as a ‘gift with subscription’. It rocks my world. Is it classed as stealing?
  • In answer to above: I think yes.

6 thoughts on “Stupid blogger

  1. … and you’re doing a little bit on your essay every. single. day. Aren’t you??Oooo … and quite right about custard squares. Mmmmm … custard squares. Also wicked are Jesters apple custard pies. The custard they use is di-vine.


  2. I keep telling myself I can’t eat dairy, I think it may be just all in my head but at least it saves me for the ever-so-addictive things like custard squares (and cookies and cream ice cream!). But then i suppose i replace those things with other things. damn.Good luck with the essay! I’m not very academic so I can quite honeslty say essays are pretty foreign and confusing to me, but I’m sure you’ll be sweet as.(oh and not to nag and beg but if it’s not too much hassle can you pretty please place feedback on Etsy for me? I’m trying to look as cool and trust worthy as possible! thanks lovely!)Okay. ramble over. lots of love x


  3. Hi! Just checking out your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with your essay. Hannah looks like she’s grown up heaps since we last saw you guys, almost 3! yikes! ๐Ÿ™‚


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